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Apex Ironworks and Fabrication
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Phone Number: (605) 438-2700
Address: 906 S Madison St – Milbank, SD 57252
Bien Pharmacy
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The history of Bien Pharmacy dates back to 1882 when pioneer homesteader N. J. Bleser opened the doors of Bleser Drug in Milbank Junction, Dakota Territory (South Dakota would become a state 7 years later in 1889). N. J. Bleser and later his son, Karl Bleser, operated Bleser Drug until 1967 when John Radeke purchased the pharmacy changing the name to Radeke Drug. In 1987 Dan Hilgenberg purchased the pharmacy from Radeke and changed the name to Dan’s Pharmacy. Finally, in 2007 Lance Bien purchased the pharmacy from Hilgenberg and changed the name to Bien Pharmacy. Although the name has changed several times over the years, Bien Pharmacy is one of the oldest independent family-owned pharmacies in South Dakota. Our commitment to excellent customer service is the main reason for our success and longevity. We look forward to continuing this tradition for many years to come.

Phone Number: (605) 432-5781
Address: 222 S Main St – Milbank, SD 57252
Dakota Granite
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Dakota Granite is a full service quarrier and manufacturer of granite products. We supply a variety of products both custom and standard. We continually update our equipment allowing us to offer products that are unique and of extra value to our customers. Since 1925, we continue the tradition of helping memorialists tell a family’s story and architects create buildings that are timeless works of art.

Phone Number: (800) 843-3333
Address: 48391 150th St – Milbank, SD
First Bank & Trust
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BANKeasy means different things to different people. Here in Milbank, like in all our communities, decisions are made locally where we know you and you know us. It’s easier that way.

Phone Number: 605-432-5111
Address: 215 W. 4th Ave – Milbank, SD 57252
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Food N Fuel is a locally owned and operated convenience store. It offers regular, unleaded, super unleaded, diesel and E-85 fuel. It offers Hot Stuff Pizza and breakfast items along with a full line of snacks, candy and grocery items. Services include an ATM and touch-less car wash.

Phone Number: 605-432-6678
Fax: 605-432-9025
Address: 103 W. 4th Ave – Milbank, SD 57252
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Nicholas Gilmore OD

Phone Number: 605-432-6666
Address: 224 S Main St – Milbank, SD 57252
Premier Tax Service, Inc.
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Phone Number: 605-432-6446
Address: 320 S Main St – Milbank, SD 57252
Stengel Oils
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Hi! We’re Cal and Rhonda Stengel.

After several years of living on the West Coast, we longed to return home to our native South Dakota and started Stengel Oils in the spring of 2005. Both of our boys, Nathan and Alex, are involved with the family business, helping with operations, working the evening shifts and maintaining the presses. We use a cold process to press the flax seed which is considered the freshest way to produce flax oil.

As popularity of flax oil, with all of its healthy Omega-3 benefits, has grown so has our product line. Today we’re pleased to not only offer Cal’s Flax Oil, but also a line of salad dressings, Cal’s Healthy Gourmet, that truly as nutritious as they are delicious. And don’t forget about your furry friends. Dogs, cats and horses can benefit from a healthy boost from flax oil as well with Sammy’s Shiny Coat.

As a local, family-owned company we believe in every product we produce and sell. In fact, we are so confident in our products that we will take back any unused portion for any reason. We look forward to doing business with you and having the opportunity to prove to you why Stengel Oils produces the best flax oil products available.

Phone Number: (605) 432-4900
Address: 308 East Milbank Ave – Milbank, SD 52752
Stengel Seed & Grain Co
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Stengel Seed & Grain Co., located near Milbank, S.D., is a family-owned business with 40 years of experience in cleaning all types of grains and beans for the organic food industry. Owned by Doug and Tim Stengel, and aided by eight long-term employees, Stengel Seed strives to grow in excellence and innovation in the field of grain processing.
With five different cleaning lines and two color sorters, Stengel Seed can run different products simultaneously to efficiently meet the needs and timeline of their customers. The processing plant is certified and audited by AIB International, certified organic through International Certification Services including USDA NOP, EC 834/2007 Equivalence and is COR and JAS compliant; Kosher certified by UMK; and a South Dakota Seed Conditioner.The Stengel’s enjoy a long tradition of growing and cleaning grain.

Doug and Tim’s grandfather and father did on-farm grain cleaning of their seed. Now Doug primarily manages the processing plant and Tim attends to the farming. Tim’s wife, Sue, is the office manager/bookkeeper at the plant. Other employees include: Mike Robertson, main mill manager; Frank Remington, plant and machine maintenance; Harlan Bohn, warehouse; Drew Tschakert, bean and barley plant; Andrea Bohn, quality control; Tim Lindgren and Nathan Stengel, general labor and bagging.

While the process of cleaning grain has not changed greatly over the last 100 years, the equipment has been improved with modern materials and technology. The modern food industry requires near perfection in cleanliness. While perfection is seldom obtained, we strive to make each lot as clean as possible. This often requires very specialized equipment or unusual steps to achieve that high standard of purity. Stengel Seed often manufactures its own specialized cleaners. These specific cleaners, along with a very rigorous quality program, has enabled them to meet or exceed industry quality standards.

Many different toll customers rely on Stengel Seed to process to their required specifications. Growers in the Midwest and Canada truck their grain to the plant near Milbank. Product is cleaned and then packaged in 25 lb. bags on up to 1,000 KG totes or true bulk loads. Orders ship by truck domestically in the U.S. and by overseas containers to Europe and Japan. Stengel Seed and Grain Co. is proud to be a part of the growing organic food industry.

Phone Number: (605) 432-6030
Address: 14698 State Hwy 15 – Milbank SD 57252
Valley Dairy Supply
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We are three separate companies with one purpose: to meet all of you dairy and farm supply needs. With three locations, our distributors can deliver to a large geographic are within the states of South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.

Phone Number: (605) 949-1095
Address: 47866 140th ST – Corona, SD 57227
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Whetstone Home Center is your hometown full service lumber yard for all your building needs – lumber, steel, shingles, siding, windows, doors, hardware, paint and more. Free estimates and plans available.

Phone Number: 605-432-5871
Fax: 605-432-5866
Address: 513 W. 4th Ave – Milbank, SD 57252